Carpet Stretching

Are your carpets loose and beginning to ripple?

All Carpets professional team of Carpet Technicians are the team to call. All Carpets has over a decade of experience and can assist with all your carpet stretching needs. Servicing residential and commercial properties All Carpets team of professionals are suitable for almost any carpet style and material.

Re-stretching is a required maintenance with carpets and can be compared to having to have the carpets cleaned and vacuumed. It is a common misconception that loose carpets are caused from poor installation, which is not true, there are a variety of factors that can cause carpets to ripple.

The four most common reasons are:

1. Temperature and humidity are one of the major contributors to carpet buckling. The moisture in a humid environment will cause the carpet to swell and stretch.

2. Excessive wear due to traffic, particularly if wheelchairs, walkers, kid’s tricycles etc. are moving across the floor.

3. Sliding heavy furniture across carpet can create ripples or separate the carpet from the smooth edge (nailed tacks) around the perimeter of the room that holds the carpet in place. We recommend that you lift furniture rather than slide it, to avoid damage.

4. Improper selection of carpet underlay can have an impact on the carpet wearing and stretching. Having no underlay or underlay that is very thin, may not provide enough grip for the traffic moving across the carpet leading to increased movement and stretching.

The process of carpet stretching involves us pulling the carpet up around the edges, carrying out the carpet stretching by using a knee kicker carpet stretcher, then re-fitting the carpet and trimming off the surplus carpet. In extreme cases it may be better for us to use a carpet power stretcher in order to get a good result.

In either case the objective with carpet stretching is to prevent premature wear, reduce any tripping hazards and to improve the unsightly appearance of the affected carpet. Invisible mending is involved when carpet pile can be glued to the surface of the carpet.